The Diamond Sports Hotshots, formerly Woodlands Hotshots, are not only a select fastpitch softball team, but a family. From the coaching staff, to the parents, to the players, we believe that creating strong relationships is a huge key to our success. We want our girls to work hard and play hard. We are trying to develop our girls into being leaders on and off the softball field. We want our girls to be disciplined, dedicated and to truly love the game.

We have a high standard for our girls any time they take the field, whether it is the first 10 minutes of practice or the final inning of the championship game, we want to carry ourselves in a manner that makes other teams look up to us. We expect hustle and maximum effort at all times. We believe hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. We may lose games here and there, but it won’t be because anyone out-worked us or out-hustled us.

With everyone onboard fully committed, the sky is the limit for the Diamond Sports Hotshots. GET YOU SUM!!!!!!!!!!!